Today’s style statement piece is inspired by the countless hours I spent watching Turner Classic Movie and Nick at Night, trying to catch glimpses of the wild graphic sheath dresses donned by spunky 60’s actresses. These dresses weren’t about taste or good manners, they were about outrageous geometry and boldly contrasting colors that demanded your attention!

Calvin Klein Women’s Piped Sleevless Sheath Dress is absolutely in this spirit. The dress features a high contrast black and white design with wide piping giving it a graphic punch. Plus, the silhouette is simple and classic, which means you have more leeway to play with pairing it with bold accessories.


Today's Style Statement: Calvin Klein Piped Sheath Dress

People so often think of “creative” styles as always being boho or scattered, but this dress shows how you can appear design-forward while still keeping a clean silhouette. It looks at home as much at a modern art gallery as it does in a meeting with the suit and tie crowd.  What this outfit needs to bring it to the next level is some bold accessories to support the already bold style lines on this dress.

Accessories are key here. I could see pairing it with some bright-colored low-heel pumps like the green Nine West pumps below to bring a burst of color without taking away from the chic geometry.

Green Nine West pumps add a pop of color to the black and white graphic look

Yet you can also dress this piece down. A brown leather bag with a bit of drape would bring it back to reality with some earthy hues and a change of texture.


A soft leather black tote gives the ensemble a more earthy feel

In any case, it’s clear that while this dress makes a bold, geographic statement, it can be switched up quite a bit for all of your creative wardrobe needs!

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