I wanted to start a series that features simple, versatile pieces that can be used again and again in a creative wardrobe. My first piece for this series is the custom circle skirts made by Mokkafiveoclock on Etsy. Take a look at this one in red:



Can’t you just see that paired with your favorite white button-down to make it a little less stuffy? To me, a circle skirt is perfect for any creative professional. It can be simple and polished, or wild and ruffled. You can play with prints and bright colors to offset a plain blouse, or keep it clean with a neutral color so that a wild top can take center stage. Its flared silhouette gives a retro vibe, but it can feel incredibly modern when done in the right fabric.

Mokkafiveoclock also carriesĀ a range of colors and prints to choose fun, from pastels to primaries to gorgeous floral prints:



I can see all of them working in a casual office, or even dressed up with a blazer for a corporate meeting!